Friday, July 5, 2024


Mary Engelbreit

Something troubling has been pointed out to me, an issue about which I did not know there was a problem. Becki, of Field Lilies blog fame, sent me an email regarding her comments on my blog. They were not showing up. She suggested I check my blog's SPAM folder.

I did not know I had a SPAM folder for my blog.

Mary Engelbreit

In my response to her, I asked for instructions so I could locate that folder. To my utter shock I saw there were 304 comments awaiting moderation and 44 comments in the SPAM folder.


I've been posting with Blogger/Blogspot since 2009 but I did not know these things. I've been using Comment Moderation for most of that time with my blogs over the years, and since I usually get an email notification when a comment has been submitted, I thought all was good.

Apparently not. Hmmmm.

Mary Engelbreit

Over the years I've seen changes with Blogger/Blogspot and have done pretty well (patting myself on the back) in adapting and/or forbearing with this platform's sometimes irritating idiosyncrasies. 

But (repeating myself), apparently not.

Mary Engelbreit

For those who need to know, here is how to find Comment Moderation and SPAM:

~ go to your blog page

~ at the top right hand corner of the blog, click on Design

~ then in the left hand column, click on Comments 

~ there you will see the comments awaiting moderation

~ at the top of that page where the comments are listed, click on the down arrow and a pop-up window should open

~ there you will see the box with SPAM

To approve comments awaiting moderation, move your cursor into the box for each comment. A check mark will appear. Click on that to approve the comment.

Mary Engelbreit

So with this said, I apologize to all of you who have tried unsuccessfully to leave a comment. I am in the process of approving the comments now..... 304.... this will take me a while.

Oh by the way .... thus far, all the comments I'm moderating are quite nice, very complimentary, and are making my day!!! Thanks, everybody!

I have been aware for years that some people cannot comment on my blog due to issues with Google, among other things. I cannot help with those problems. For myself, I get hung up trying to comment on Word Press blogs and so I just send the author of those blogs an email with my comments. 

Mary Engelbreit

Today I intend to finish with this matter, write the weekly letter to my mother, and help Gary oversee the continuing upgrade to our flooring.  We will probably finish up yesterday's desserts .... 😋

Grace and peace to you.

Mary Engelbreit



Martha Jane Orlando said...

I so appreciate this info, Barbara, as I had the same issue the other day, but didn't recall where my spam folder was. Thanks so very much, my friend, and blessings always!

Becki said...

Whoa! Barbara, I was noticing that you didn't have as many comments lately, and I was feeling like mine weren't showing up, but 348 comments had flown under the radar?!? I'm so glad I said something. I enjoy reading your commenters' comments almost as as much as I enjoy your blog posts.

It seems when I check my SPAM and Awaiting Moderation folders regularly, everything runs smoothly and nothing shows up there, but then I go weeks, or possibly even months without checking and all of a sudden I have a pile of comments to deal with. And the weirdest thing is, sometimes I'm sure comments I've moderated (even my own responses to comments) end up reverting to SPAM or Awaiting Moderation. So weird... Glad to be of help, friend.

Barbara said...

I am so very glad you noticed this issue and thank you for helping me. I will take your advice to check both folders regularly. In going thru it all today, I did feel like some comments had already been published and yet they were supposedly awaiting moderation. Maybe this is what we get for depending on a totally cost-free blogging platform. It's not like we can say we're not getting our money's worth!

ellen b. said...

Well that was a rude awakening. Glad someone pointed that out and provided the directions to remedy it. Now I'm heading to my spam folder and just making sure...

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Well, good grief, who knew???? I just checked mine out and have 930 but it appears most of them are trash so far but I'll work my way through them eventually. Thanks for sharing as I'm pretty sure I would have never had a clue. Happy weekend!

Mari said...

I have the same issue. I use comment moderation and not too long ago found that not all comments were coming to me either. I don't get it, but now I check my spam too.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Reality isn't real any more. I am always to be found in the SPAM folder making Spam sandwiches.
Although I prefer burgers instead.

God bless always.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That's good to share for those not aware of comment moderation and publishing! You really had a lot of comments to read! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Diane

Mrs.T said...

Well, thanks to you and Becki! I had no idea. Didn't even know there was a spam folder. I only had 70, and it appears a few of them (but only a few) actually are spam. Now I will have to check this out on my Christmas blog as well.

Robin in Virginia said...

Thanks for sharing your learning (from Becki) about spam folders. I hope you have a pleasant day, Barbara. Stay cool and keep hydrated!

Terri D said...

I don't use comment moderation so guess I don't have this problem. Glad it was brought to your attention, though!! xo

Billie Jo said...

Hello! I am glad you found the long-lost comments!!! I am not tech-savvy at all. Thanks for the info!

Joyce said...

I have known about SPAM and check it whenever I post. However, it doesn't make sense to me as to what goes to SPAM. Some of course are obvious but others are regular commenters whose posts normally go to my page but every once in an odd while they go to SPAM. I really wish I had moved to Word Press a long time ago, but it feels daunting now.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

God bless always.

Carol said...

That's the kind of spam you want to find in your spam folder! Glad you found them after all this time!


Mary Engelbreit Something troubling has been pointed out to me, an issue about which I did not know there was a problem. Becki, of Field Lil...