Friday, August 4, 2023

Did I Do That???

Mary Engelbreit illustration

Yes. Apparently I did. I obliterated my long-standing blog titled Sweet Tea and Sandals.  Some of you, doubting and in denial of this truth, may try to access it for yourself. Go ahead.  Yeah. She's gone. 

As I was housecleaning all manner of things on my computer,  I had the option of "delete" or "delete permanently." Unaware that I was dealing with my dearly loved blog, I sent it away permanently, thinking I was just being thorough in disposing of what was old, unnecessary and best removed from everybody forever. 

That was on Wednesday afternoon. Then after wiping my hands, tucking my hair neatly behind my ears and leaving my desk to get something to eat, I carried on as normal for several hours before it was brought to my attention that something horrible was amiss. 

I was preparing for bed when for one last time I checked my email before turning off my electronics. An email from one of my blogging pals in Washington State was waiting for me with the news she could not access my blog. It was a kindness on her part, distressing as the news was, and I immediately checked it out for myself.

Although some things can be called back home when they desert us (or are unintionally sent away, as in this case), Sweet Tea and Sandals was gone for good. "Permanently delete" meant exactly what it said. 

I spent the next several hours working feverishly to correct this disaster but finally realized that even if repair was possible, my weary state of mind in the wee hours of the morning might make matters worse. As I headed to bed I suspected I was going to have to let go of yet another thing in my life.

Letting go. 

Those who have followed my blog for the past nearly three years know I have let go of a lot. First it was the unanticipated death of my husband of 50 years from COVID. Then there was the realization my life was forever changed as I seriously considered my options for home, possessions, and finances. Some relationships took unexpected turns as well. One of the best things I "let go" of was 20 pounds as my appetite took a nose dive and eventually I was forced to buy smaller clothing.

Blessed with good.

As time kept moving the losses gradually led to unexpected blessings. I reached a point where I knew what I should not do and then had to face the future with trust that things would work out for me when I didn't know how or what. Thankfully it was not long after letting go of some things and just trusting God that joy came back to me with a new love, the ability to release much of the familiar and to grasp onto replacements for what had been "deleted," so to speak.

me at The Barn
Castle Rock, Colorado

While I was deleting stuff earlier this week, I came across this snapshot a girlfriend took of me about ten years ago. In studying it now, I see that it was kinda "prophetic" of where I am now. 

When the picture was taken, I was shopping for home decor, had shorter hair, lived in Colorado, and hardly gave a thought to dollars and cents because my husband loved being in charge of such things. I was quite sedentary except for the mountain hikes I enjoyed with my BFF. I had not been on a bicycle for many years. Many.

Since then I've been transplanted to Florida, became a widow due to the pandemic, sold three houses, disposed of the majority of my furniture, gave away two cars, learned how to deal with finances on my own, revived the skill of riding a bicycle, and most notable of all, met a wonderful man who married me and put a smile back on my face. I've also become a step-great-grandmother!

With all that said, I'll conclude with this thought: we should realize not much is forever. That includes possessions, health, and some relationships. Things wear out or go out of style. People become disabled, some die (actually we all do that eventually). Circumstances and relationships take turns for a thousand reasons, not all of them negative. We hold onto people and things, but when it's time to let go, it is often out of our control and profoundly real.

Two things stand out to me:

1) Acceptance of what has happened is often the best solution for peace.

2) God never leaves us.

On that last point, I state firmly it is true. A relationship with God absolutely does not shield us from the hard things of life, but He is always here. Admittedly, He seldom allows us to avoid the tough stuff, but He gets us through it and when we are trusting Him, we are the better for having gone through it.

As for this new blog, I'm still setting up it's bells and whistles, so it may look different every time you visit. Just keep the link handy and I'll be here: My Journal Memories

I'll also continue to share on my FaceBook page the link to new posts as they are published.

I hope whatever is written here is a help in some way in your journey, puts a smile on your face, and provides you with a "safe place" as you visit social media. Or if my blog doesn't do any of that for you, remember what my late husband used to say, "Nothing is so bad that it can't at least serve as a bad example." 🙄😆

Per my usual habit, I close with a Bible verse that has encouraged me:

... I am with you always,
even to the end of the age.
Matthew 28:20

Until next time, grace and peace.


  1. Whew!! I am so sorry you lost all of your journal posts but am happy to have this new connection, Barb! Your two points that stand out for you also stand out for me. That says it so well. God is in control (my mantra). Sending love & hugs and welcome back!

  2. Glad you got a new blog up and running. Now to see if my feedly will take the link and inform me when there are new posts. Have a wonderful day, Barbara.

  3. Barbara, thank you for the heads up regarding your blog. While I know it much have been 'not fun', your attitude and embrace of the new one is filled with grace. Thank you for continuing to blog (and starting this new one). You inspire me with all that you write and share. Enjoyed seeing the picture of you with the yellow bike from your time in Colorado. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Sorry for that little headache. When I get my mind in order enough to write a post, I will share that you are still here in Blogland. Glad you are just going forth. Such a lesson for us all.

  5. Such wisdom in this post, Barbara. I'm glad you began again with a new blog.

  6. I am so sorry about you loosing your blog with all of your memories old and new. I am so afraid at times that I will do the same thing though I do not blog like I used too. I keep saying I need to print all these years of writing blog post as they are memories for me but mercy, the expense of it I am sure would be surreal. So glad you are back up and running Barbara. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. I am so sorry you lost your blog! But I am encouraged by how you are handling it. Thank you for the good advice on how things change and how we need to let go. Blessings do come! I am thankful you were able to set up a new blog!

  8. I'm so sorry you lost all the material on your original blog, but I'm glad I'll be able to say I've followed you from the beginning on this one. You've got a great attitude, girlfriend. I look forward to all the new things you share here.

  9. Okay, I have just gone in and added your new blog and deleted your "lost" blog. (Boo!) I just hate that so badly for you but you seem to be handling like a trouper, as you do so many things. I like your new blog name.

  10. Perfect illustration for this post! I have known others who permanently deleted their blogs and always fear it may happen to me. I saw the heads up on Sandy's most recent post and am so blessed by your wonderful attitude. The two important points you shared -- so good. I wholeheartedly agree with them.

  11. Barbara, I'm really impressed by your positive attitude about loosing your beloved blog! If that were me, I'm afraid my gyrations and gnashing of teeth about memories lost would be excruciating. But yes, God teaches us so much about loss and resiliency, and what truly matters in life's journey. I'm going to try to subscribe to your new blog, my friend. Maybe, I'll have better luck with this one.

  12. I'm so glad you let me know, but so sorry this happened to you. You inspire with your attitude though and share a lesson that is good for all of us! The verse is a comfort.
    I love the picture of you with the bike, which surely does seem to be prophetic!

  13. Oh, what a shock for you, Barbara! All those words and photos just gone. I admire your "move on" attitude and will look forward to reading your new blog. I'm going to add it to my sidebar on my blog right now :)

  14. Oh no. I'm thankful that Pamela shared on her blog about you accidently deleting your blog. Yours is one of my favorites and is always uplifting and hopeful. I've now added it to my blog list.
    I did enjoy the spin you put on it - as it aligns with all the new beginnings you have had in the past few years. So now a new blog! Why not?


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