Tuesday, August 29, 2023

In the Path of the Storm

I'm interrupting this otherwise peaceful interlude between my usual weekly blog posts to give an update on our status with regard to Hurricane Idalia. 

First, I'll say I'm relieved that those who give hurricanes a name are past the first letters of our names in this household (B and G). There is no concern to having a destructive storm named after us (for this year, anyway).

Hurricane Idalia is approaching; Gary feels we may lose power, so while my verbiage can still connect with the Internet, I thought I'd record what we've done to prepare.

Forecasters say the effects of the hurricane here in our part of North Central Florida will probably be starting around 5pm today with the arrival of the eye of the storm in the wee morning hours on Wednesday. The “cone” seems to wobble a bit every few hours, sometimes with us inside its boundaries and other times just outside of it on the right edge (the “dirty” side, as it’s called, where you’ll find some of the worst weather, including powerful gusty winds and the largest tornado risk). 

While I am not afraid, I don’t look forward to being without air conditioning and fans. One would think that with the passing of a huge storm like this, the air would cool and the wind might even feel refreshing. I’ve learned from previous hurricanes that it’s not especially like that. Our high temps have been in the mid-nineties and tomorrow the high is supposed to dip down to 88 or 89. Not a lot of relief. 
And of course a hurricane brings humid air. The consolation with that is humidity gives my hair more body and plumps the skin so my wrinkles are not so pronounced. 👍🏻

Prior to their move to Florida, Gary and his late wife lived for some 13 years on 5 acres in Virginia, a couple hours west of Washington DC. From the front of their house they could see Skyline Drive where many tourists would drive from Front Royal to Charlotte, in the Appalachian Mountains. 

He tells me that during winter snow storms they often lost power. As a result, he acquired (and kept) handy stuff such as a camp cooking gear and all manner of flashlights and lanterns, and so forth. 

We have got our cordless phone chargers charged and as you saw on FaceBook, we’ve been eating ice cream so it won’t go to waste. Between the two of us, we have a lot of non-food frozen items for headaches and injuries that we keep in the freezer all the time in the bottom bin. This morning Gary distributed those throughout the shelves of the freezer to help prolong the cold temperature on our food. We just have the kitchen refrigerator/freezer. We seldom entertain, so that is all we need for just the two of us.

I am aware of at least  5 sister bloggers who are similarly affected by the approach of Hurricane Idalia (one is probably getting the first rain bands even now). I have begun to pray for you all and I know for a certainty that many of you are also praying. Thank you! As my BFF in Colorado has often said, "Your prayers will not be wasted."

As I've said in recent posts, our Lord tells us to expect storms, they are a normal part of life now, before we reach heaven. But in them He is with us at all times, even when our world seems to be falling apart. Most of us already acknowledge this but do we really apply it when times are tough? 

Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to trust in the Lord with all of our heart and to not lean on our own understanding. That means to not depend too heavily on what we think is going on. We may be completely wrong. God wants us to rely on Him, His judgment, His way of doing things. A storm is a lot like having a baby: the labor and delivery may hurt like the dickens, but the result is intended to be good, very good.

I hope to resume to publishing my usual weekend blog post with a report of how Idalia treated us in her passing. But if not, then I'll write later, when things have settled down.

Until then, grace and peace.


Jan said...

Praying for your safety and minimal stormy weather!

Debby said...

I'm thinking of you all there - I keep looking at the clock. I wish you safety.

Mandy said...

Sending many prayers your way. I'm glad you have Gary to weather this storm with! Y'all take care!

Terri D said...

Here is Lakeland, we have already had some rain bands come through. Pouring for five or ten minutes, then nothing. Typical. Looking for more as the hours tick away toward landfall. I think, so far, the worst will be north of us now but that means you will be feeling it. Prayers for all in the path. Enough with the "I" storms!! I do have a generator that will keep my refrigerator/freezer going but have also charged all my battery backups. Stay safe!! Love & hugs!

Anonymous said...

This is Pam from Closed Doors Open Windows. The first thunderstorm band from Idalia just blew through so powerfully that I decided to shut down my computer. So this is from my phone and may not identify me. Praying for all of us in the path of the storm. May the Lord watch over us and protect us and all in harm’s way. Hopefully we will be able to communicate in the morning. Have a blessed and peaceful and safe night.

Mari said...

I'm wondering about several of my blogging friends. Thanks for updating. I'll be praying for you!

Linda said...

Keeping you all in prayer...yes, I am afraid it will be a major rain maker for us here in Marion County. I am also afraid we will be without power as well, we already have a huge tree branch laying on our power line, sigh...and I do not look forward to not having ac, grin...and my hair goes flat in the humidity, lol. Say hi to Gary for us. smiles

Robin in Virginia said...

Be safe, Barbara. Thinking of and praying for you both during this time of Idalia as well as praying for all who are in her path.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Well, sounds as though y'all are as prepared as you can be. Sure hoping that you will miss being without electricity. AND, I'm so glad that you have Gary to go through this with you. Blessings abundant!

ellen b. said...

Praying you weather the storm well! Hang tight!

Martha Jane Orlando said...

I've been praying for all my blogging buddies in Florida, Barbara, and following the storm. I hope you all stay safe and are able to keep your electricity. Let us know when you can how you fared in the hurricane.

Carol said...

For some reason those "I" named hurricanes really don't like Florida, do they Barbara? Irma, Ian, and now Idalia. I hope all you experienced was a bit of wind and rain. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!


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