Friday, December 22, 2023

Out On The Roof Arose Such a Clatter ....

a gift of cookies

 ..... but it definitely was not Santa Claus. Actually, it was a week too soon for his arrival. Checking the calendar, we knew it was the day for our old roof to be replaced. 

And such a clatter it was!!! No less than six fellas (maybe 10?) were tromping around up there. When stuff is being dug and scraped off the roof, one takes their life in their hands to step outside lest debris hit them on the head. The sounds of their work were loud, thumping, hard dropping, and sometimes I checked the front door because I thought a visitor was knocking. 

new roof in progress

Having been through this before some eleven years ago in another house, I knew the noise would be bothersome and go on forever. But I think time must have diluted my memories of it because by mid-day I decided doing anything requiring mental clarity was useless. I could hardly remember my name for the relentless pounding, scraping, and such. 

So the 'sounds of the season' have not been all Christmas carols around here. The project took two full days and then late on Day 3, the huge dumpster blocking our garage entry was hauled off. 

goodbye to the dumpster

This has been shared to illustrate how the less glamorous aspects of life must go on even in the most delightful of holiday seasons. Of course we are thankful for the new roof, which had to be rescheduled due to heavy rain last month. We are also thankful we can cross that project off our To Do List.

a gift by Bonnie & Pop

Cards and gifts have been arriving. Again this year I have thoroughly enjoyed giving foodie gifts through the internet. WOWOWOW! Is that easy or what?!!!! I should have caught onto that years ago. My go-to has been Harry and David, but there are oodles of similar websites from which to choose. 

Gary in the frozen food section of Publix

We do the grocery shopping together. Gary pushes the cart and has a sharp eye out for the BOGO sales (buy one, get one free). Have any of you noticed, as I have, how walking down the frozen food aisle is so (how shall I say it), so rewarding, satisfying.... uh, not unlike Miss America on the runway. (You don't get it, do you?) 

Well, in Publix the frozen food cases are dark but as  you progress down the aisle, sensors pick up the activity of the shopper and the lights pop on. The farther you walk, the more lights turn on. It's so rewarding! People who are depressed during the holiday season (or any time of year, for that matter) should go to Publix's frozen food aisles.

Let's see, what are some other observations I've made since the last blog post? 

palm tree delivery

Those who don't live in Florida may never have seen this before. I was exiting my car in the Walmart parking lot when I spied this nursery truck. Large palm trees are transported this way; it's not an uncommon sight around here. It sort of fascinates me.

Grinch in a tree

While I'm on the subject of trees, Gary spotted the Grinch on one of our bike rides the other day. We swerved out into the middle of the street to avoid getting grabbed by that green hand!

music makers

Also on our bike rides through the neighborhood, I am pleased to say we've seen a good number of Nativity displays and the large letters spelling out JOY but this is the only set of carolers I've seen. 

Christmas music station on Direct TV

We listen to Christmas music every morning with our first cup of coffee. Probably my favorite aspect of Christmas is music, but with that said, I prefer the older carols and tunes with lyrics I can understand and even hum along with. And Mannheim Steamroller's Deck the Halls. (click on the song title to listen)

afternoon tea

While composing this post I've brewed some black tea for Gary and me. Reflecting on Christmas, I see that as our children have aged and the circumstances for all of us have morphed into alternate ways of doing things, Christmas isn't quite like it used to be. But I am adjusting. My desire and energy levels for the chaos of it all have modified into something quieter and definitely less busy. Surely many of my older readers are agreeing with me.

one of our trees this year

We will be in town for Christmas this year. We have plans to dine with friends and just keep a low profile. I'm okay with that. We both have got all the shots, vaccinations, etc that are out there, but with that, we've found the pandemic-standard of less association with groups of people seems to reduce the possibility of catching germs.... something that people who are 70-something need to consider.

Wise Men water color

In closing, I want to give my readers gifts -- links to some resources that have been incredibly helpful to me this past year. Some I have mentioned before but they are worth repeating. These are faith-based resources that have aided my thoughts on baffling circumstances. Perhaps they will be of encouragement to some of you as well.

Susie Larson

God Is Glad to See You

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope

When It’s Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

With that said, I want for my readers what one of my former pastors has said recently:

- peace where you need it most

- joy where you're least expecting it

- hope that renews Christ's purpose for your life

(Pastor Larry Yarbrough of Deermeadows Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida)

Until next time, grace and peace.


  1. Enjoyable post. Yes, roofing is a noisy, noisy affair. We had an awful hail storm about two weeks ago and many folks in our area are getting new roofs. It totally missed us and we were so glad that we were not one of the many claims filed at Tommy's office. Christmas blessings to you and Gary!

  2. I was wondering if you got the roof done, smiles. Wishing you both a Merry Christmas my friend.


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