Sunday, October 22, 2023

A Little Dry Humor

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Recent weeks have bombarded us with news of political unrest, both here and abroad. In my personal journal, the past seven days have recorded thoughts about politics, medicine, finances, the law, behavioral science -- all ponderous matters that can bully peace. 

On this blog I continue to make few comments on politics because my calling is more toward cheer, encouragement, and reminders to seek God in all things. 

With that said, I am sharing just a little of the law enforcement experiences my Gary has told me from his first eleven years serving in military police, when he was a much younger man. After those assignments, he moved on to investigative work for the next thirty years. 

You need not recoil with this introduction to what I'm addressing. In keeping with my desire to cheer my readers, I'll share nothing gory or distasteful but rather my husband’s dry humor as a traffic cop.

Belgium, 1971

Case One

Gary: Good morning, ma'am. I stopped you because you were going 45 in a 25 mile per hour zone. 

Woman: Are you going to write me a ticket?

Gary: Yes, ma’am. 

Woman: Don’t you know who I am? 

Gary: No, but after you give me your driver’s license and ID I will.

Woman: My husband’s going to kill me!

Gary: We cover that, too. 

Case Two

Gary: Good afternoon, ma’am. I am citing you for parking in front of a No Parking sign.

Woman: But it’s Christmas Eve!

Gary: Merry Christmas.

Case Three

Gary: You did not stop at that stop sign.

Woman: This will probably help you make your quota for today.

Gary: You know, you’re right!

One More

Some women have been known to adjust their blouse as the officer approaches her car, revealing more ….

Gary tells me that gave them no mercy. None. Ever.

Gary in his retirement

This concludes my brief excursion into law enforcement humor. As we all know, first responders often see an aspect of life that some of us only observe on crime shows, things entailing dreadful darkness.  God instituted government to establish ordered and peaceful social space where not only is judgment carried out, but good is recognized and encouraged. (see I Peter 2:13-17)

Our part, in addition to obeying the law, is to support them with our prayers and respect.

Until next time, grace and peace.


  1. I love Gary's sense of humor! Tell him thanks for serving too - not an easy job.

  2. those come backs. Don't tell...but I watch On Patrol Live and am constantly amazed at the patience of our law enforcement with ridiculous reactions they get from people who are stopped for different violations! God bless our men in blue and other first responders!

  3. I enjoyed this. Thank you for sending out cheer and encouragement!

  4. He has a great sense of humor. I can tell you none of that would have ever worked for me! I only got out of one and I did tell the truth and cried:) I have the worst luck though. I can and will get stopped if I break one darn rule! I have learned the hard way to just go the speed limit.

  5. Thanks so much, Barbara, for sharing Gary's wonderful responses to these would-be excuse makers! I do love and support our men and women in blue each and every day. And I hate that presently, in this country, they are fighting an uphill battle. They deserve the highest of our love and prayers. Please tell Gary that I am so grateful for his service!

  6. Enjoyed reading Gary's memories from long ago in law enforcement. Love the humor!

  7. Thank you for the giggles and smiles this morning, Barbara. I loved the uniform of Gary's from 1971. Nice boots!

  8. And he's witty too! You have a real gem!


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